Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Project Provision

I am SO excited that you are reading this right now because that means that you are potentially entering into a really exciting time with me! Allow me to explain what I've been doing and where I feel the Lord is leading me:

I have been blessed the past two years, and this year as well, to attend Biola University. Not only have I had the opportunity to take great classes with incredible Christ-centered professors, but I have also been fortunate enough to major in my calling. I find myself not looking at college as a means to a degree, but an equipping and training to go out into the world to better fulfill the calling the Lord has placed on my life. I am currently majoring in Christian Ministries (formerly Christian Education) with an emphasis on youth ministry. I am presently interning at South Shores church, where I have seen God's continued confirmation that I'm right where he wants me. Dave Kheen, both professor and youth pastor, is equipping me to enter into another youth ministry; whether entering into an already established ministry or building one up from scratch. I am already learning heaps and feel humbled at how unique each youth group can be depending on the culture and needs within specific communities. I am passionate and overflowing with joy each day in what I am studying and living out in ministry service.

Here's where you come into the journey:

The Lord has been unveiling for some time now that he will most likely be moving me away from California after graduation. I have not yet made plans about where I believe him to be leading me, because I know that there are still a few final pieces of confirmation that will be needed before making any decisions. However, I trust that he will bring those final confirmations in due time. Meanwhile, I need prayer warriors over the next 8 months :) I am convinced that the Lord can and will lower, if not eliminate, my school debt before graduation. I have already had my first provision miracle in August. I simply asked that the Lord not tarry in freeing me from the bondage of debt. The next morning I checked my mailbox and discovered that a revision had been made in my school financial aid package. I had been awarded an additional $11,000, last minute with no explination, all of which I would not have to pay back (lowering my private loan to $7,000).

With all of that said, I am looking to begin a prayer project. I am confident that the Lord will provide and that I will have the joy of sharing it with everyone. I will post of his provision on this blog, facebook and in person (school, church and otherwise). I would love for a lot of people to be a part of this because not only will I be grateful for your prayers, but I firmly believe you will be blessed and reminded of God's power and love for us. So pray big and pray with confidence! We serve a MIGHTY GOD =)

Love in Christ,