Friday, January 28, 2011

Dear Brothers in the Faith...

Men who claim to follow Jesus Christ,

you have possibly partaken in a most heinous heist.

The ladies that you so casually date,

filling your plate, because you simply can’t wait,

are being stolen from their future soulmate.

Do you think you’re a man,

taking from ladies what you can?

No, you’re just an everyday Peter Pan, man.

Never grow up, never man up,

never take responsibility for how you messed up.

Every kiss that you haphazardly took,

with that beckoning look,

not even considering what you forsook,

wasn’t yours to hook!

You are the men, the initiators,

so also be your Sister’s protectors!

Do not compromise their purity, or yours,

Tracking dirt onto their clean floors,

breaking into locked doors.

Instead, keep every woman pure for her wedding night,

not leaving them in an unfortunate plight,

and not taking from them another man’s right.

Rather, be men of integrity,

grow in spiritual maturity,

protect a woman’s femininity,

and exemplify true mansculinity.