Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hello Oregon

Just a quick update for everyone. Friday night I drove up to Visalia, CA to crash with a friend from Biola. It was my first time in this area of California. Being that I arrived around midnight, I found myself driving in a black abyss of Country, which reminded me of an episode I saw of "I Survived" but I made it safe and sound :) The next day we attended a friends wedding in Fresno, though I had to leave the reception early to drive up to Oregon. As I 1:30am roled around, with one more hour of driving to go, I found that I had to give myself a pep-talk...which I have never done before, but when all other options failed to battle weariness that's what I was left with~ and it worked! :)

I am presently with my family in Oakland, OR and will continue my journey up to the camp this afternoon. I'm excited to meet the staff. I'm especially looking forward to all that God has in store for this Summer as I'm sure He has brought together each member for a specific purpose. I will update everyone on all the adentures and shenanegins we get into, along with pictures and whatever else~

I get every other weekend off from the camp. I will alternate between going to visit my family and then visiting all my Portland people. Shall be quite an eventful Summer. Anyone who desires to come up for a visit let me know! I will surely make time to see you on my weekends off.

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